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Thank you for visiting our site. We invite you to be part of the most distinctive trucking company in Toronto… and just about anywhere else. You’ll be driving a brand new Volvo or Peterbilt, no more than 3 years old, that ride like Cadillacs. You will be flying the distinctive Highlight colours, sporting extra chrome and hauling a late-model trailer, no more than 5 years old.

We look after our driving force. Our President started as a highway driver himself and now runs our 300 plus truck operation. There is no one who can better understand a driver's needs than a President that used to drive a truck himself. Kirk personally connects with all of our drivers on a regular basis and understands better than anyone how maintaining a happy and healthy driving force is essential to the success of any trucking organization.

We have a young, dedicated team of drivers and are an equal opportunity employer. We are looking for both single and team drivers, as well as owner operators, and offer short and long haul runs. We look for U.S. experience, a clean record and a desire to drive for a unique, high profile company. If hired, you will receive a competitive salary, benefits and other incentives. All drivers are provided high-quality uniforms as well as hats, jackets and cool seasonal promotional wear decorated with the distinctive Highlight brand.


Our drivers can bring their canine friends on the road and even into our drivers’ lounges at our various terminals. Pets make a great companion. We encourage that companionship and want Highlight Motor Group to be known as a company that understands and cares about keeping our driving force happy and healthy.

By Investing in your future, we invest in ours

At Highlight Motor Group, we pride ourselves on providing young, up-and-coming drivers their first opportunity in the trucking industry. If you're passionate about starting a career as a driver but currently have no experience or training, then Highlight might be the place for you.

We are willing to train and educate the right candidates as long as they display passion, work ethic and a desire to learn. No experience necessary isn't something you hear everyday in the trucking industry... but then again, Highlight is not your ordinary, everyday type of place.

Join the Highlight team today!

Highlight Motor Group is always looking for drivers and owner operators to join our team of dedicated transportation professionals. If interested in joining one of the 50 fastest growing transportation companies in Canada, please contact us directly or fill out our online application in confidence. Hope to see you in one of our uniforms soon!

" There is no one who can better understand a driver's needs than a President that used to drive a truck himself "
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