We keep it cool when temperatures rise

We maintain the set temperature you stipulate on your BOL (bill of lading) and that can vary from ambient, to cool, to frozen. In the winter months, select commodities require protect from freezing and this is a popular service request during sub-zero, Canadian temperatures.

For further protection, we have implemented exciting new state-of-the-art temperature control technology, allowing us to remotely monitor the temperature of your shipment from our office. This advanced sensor technology virtually removes any possibility of driver error and ensures that your precious commodities reach their final destination in the exact same condition as they left.

Modern equipment, properly maintained

We only operate the latest Thermo King and Carrier Reefers on our fleet. The recent models have many great features including improved environmental performance, a dual power source and easy set and monitoring controls. There is also a database of ideal temperature settings for every commodity you can imagine, as another standard feature.

Temperature controlled shipping
Canada, USA trucking
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