Expedited trucking service

We have purchased specialized equipment complete with tailgate loading and unloading for our expedited shipments. We currently utilize these trucks to run between Toronto, New Jersey and Chicago, as well as anywhere within a 1500 miles radius of the Greater Toronto Area.

Although this is typically our highest demand lane for emergency requirements, we are not limited to this particular lane or this specific type of equipment, and can easily meet all of your expedited trucking requirements.

When time is of the essence

We enjoy pulling off the odd miracle. Transporting a much needed part to keep an assembly line moving or a plant from shutting down is a regular occurrence at Highlight. We love the challenge and can turn on a dime to meet the most stringent timeline. If it can be done, we can do it. If it can’t be done, we won’t give up easily and may still find a way to get it there in time.

Expedited shipping
Canada, USA trucking
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